ABROAD. Gérard Depardieu : The Scandal that Hit France !

28 / 02 / 2014 | S.A. Degueurce

In December 2012, a scandal broke out in France ! The famous actor G.D, who is one of the richest French personalities moved to Belgium, 1km from the French border, for tax reasons.

The news spread like wild fire all over the country and French politicians reacted tit for tat. For example, the Prime Minister J-M. AYRAULT, described his exile as « SHABBY », while other ministers said that « G.D flips the bird to the French » by adding that « these same French people pay their taxes ». These words imply that G.D doesn’t pay his.

G.D’s move hurt French feelings. The controversy gained momentum. The actor, impervious to criticism, reacted by selling his property and answered the French Prime Minister in an open letter which was published in the « Journal Du Dimanche » on 16th December. He said « I just want you to respect me (...) I refuse to be referred to as « shabby » » or « All those who have left France have not been as insulted as I have ». That’s mainly because it is G.D. that it has caused such a polemic. He isn’t just anyone to the French. But the hottest bit is that G.D. finished his letter with these words « I give you back my passport and my social security card, which I’ve never used. ». Good on him !

Anyway, several French stars put in their own two cents in this scandal which upset France, such as the comedian Philippe Torreton, the actress Catherine Deneuve and EVEN President François Hollande !! We may say that G.D. hit the headlines. He made the front page of all the French newspapers. He just wanted to move, to get on with his life and the whole of France lashed out at him. Poor G.D !

On 20th December, Russian President V.Poutine rushed to G.D’s rescue. He was ready to grant his French friend a Russian passport and the Russian citizenship, which G.D. readily accepted. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The French were gobsmacked !! The actor is always at the centre of a new scandal. The French will hold a grudge against him forever.

Yasmine D.A., 1S1.