The Departure of Depardieu

28 / 02 / 2014 | S.A. Degueurce

« SHABBY » was the insult aimed at Gerard Depardieu by Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault when he spoke about the actor’s tax exile on December 12th, 2012. Indeed, after news was received of Gégé’s setting up home in Néchin, just one kilometer from the French border in Belgium, Mister Ayrault started a polemic as he qualified the actor’s move as « quite shabby », stating that in his view, the actor only wanted to avoid paying taxes.

Gégé reacted like clockwork by ironically answering : “Shabby, pathetic you say ? IT is pathetic”. His anger has pushed him to break the silence in order to justify his move “I’m leaving after paying 85% tax on my income in 2012 and 145 million in tax over the past 45 years.”

This time, Ayrault has overstepped boundaries and what he said is BEYOND FORGIVENESS. OUTRAGED by the hurtful remark of the French Prime Minister, Gégé has given up his French passport and shares his sorrow on this topic : “All those who have left France have not been as insulted as I have”. Jean-Marc Ayrault later tried to patch things up by using flattery because he said that our Gege was « a great artist » and that it was with good reason that French people loved him.”

However, the actor Philippe Torreton fuelled the polemic by rubbing salt in the wound when he signed an article entitled “So Gerard, you’re scared stiff ?” in the paper « Libération » where he concluded by saying “Get off, don’t ask for any respect, not you ! “ to Gerard Depardieu. So he is at the heart of all the attacks.

However, some people such as Catherine Deneuve, Jamel Debbouze, or Claude Lelouch have come to his rescue by denouncing a “shameful lynching”. In the same way, Fabrice Luchini says that “it’s suicidal to confront a monument of the French cinema.” Gerard Depardieu considers that “a Prime minister or anyone must set an example” and confines himself to saying that Torreton’s words are “rude” while all of this is despicable and their “statements are beyond forgiveness”.

The superstar has to give up his French citizenship because his departure raises questions about the rights of tax exiles in France. MP Yann Galut insists that “these tax exiles should be obliged to renounce their French citizenship”.

On December 20th, to the surprise of everyone, Gerard Depardieu received confirmation from Vladimir Putin that he would be granted a Russian passport. Of course, he had appled for it. All these criticisms got on the actor’s nerves but he got out well in the end and we can say that all is well that ends well for Gerard Depardieu.

Mélanie P., 1S1.