Gérard Depardieu vs. Jean-Marc Ayrault : Time to Fight !

28 / 02 / 2014 | S.A. Degueurce

Gérard Depardieu, the famous French actor, arrived in Sotchi in Russia on Saturday 5th January. Indeed, he is now a Russian citizen. Before he moved to that country, Jean-Marc Ayrault called him « stupid ». This insult started a media war between Jean-Marc Zero and The Ogre. Ayrault said that «  Depardieu is an idiot » because Depardieu didn’t want to pay taxes, which are too high in France, so he first settled in Belgium and then in Russia. Depardieu, OUTRAGED, wrote a letter which said : « Ayrault doesn’t like people who are different », and that Flamby (François Hollande) , « wants to ruin rich people with his damned taxes ». I tried to remain polite, but we all know that The Ogre is very outspoken, and sometimes loud-mouthed so this letter sounded like a terrible insult to the French government.

Depardieu also said that France was a beautiful country and that he would have preferred to stay there, had it not been for the government, which he considers to be money-grabbing. Moreover The Ogre has already showed generosity by paying 145 million in tax over the past forty-five years. The tempestuous actor said : « I love Russia ! ». It’s not surprising because in Russia The Ogre can quench his thirst and overstep boundaries or go beyond the pale as he used to do in France before getting into trouble.

Eva D., 1L.