Depardieu vs. Ayrault : The Fight is On !

28 / 02 / 2014 | S.A. Degueurce

We all know the famous French actor G.D, who is a prominent figure of the French cinema and who is also famous for his outspokenness, his bad temper, and maybe it is because of his strong personality that we all love him !

Recently, on December 16th, Mr D. sent a letter to Ayrault in answer to the insults that the French Prime Minister dared level at him.

Ayrault is reported to have said that « he is just a really miserable person who would leave his country so as not to pay his taxes ! » Mr D. got infuriated and said that Ayrault had no right whatsoever to pass judgment on his actions and he furiously declared that he would return his French passport, meaning that he would give up his French citizenship !

Ayrault desperately tried to defend himself by claiming that he had had no intention of hurting Mr D.’s feelings when using the adjective « miserable » to qualify him. However, it is only too easy to understand that it is a poor excuse. This insult was really aimed at Mr D. in spite of the fact that Ayrault claimed for his defense that he had used this term to remind people of the importance of nurturing a certain « spirit of patriotism and of solidarity » among citizens. What a poor excuse !

Due to these conflicts, Mr D. returned his French passport and left France for Belgium where he was to be heartily welcome and even renamed « Gégé ».

However, this happiness was short-lived for the Belgians because on January 13th, 2013, Mr D. was officially granted a Russian passport, to the great displeasure of Ayrault, because, with this passport, Mr D. can escape that increase of his tax burden, which however unfair it may be, is the result of his success, his creativity, as well as his talent. Over the years, Mr D. has had to pay an awful lot of money in tax, which adds up to some 140 million euros !

As of today, we don’t have any other spicy details to reveal about this matter. Maybe there will be a new scandal in the near future and of course, we look forward to it !

Patricia D.S., 1L.