The Prime Minister and Gérard Depardieu : Who Will Get the Upper Hand ?

28 / 02 / 2014 | S.A. Degueurce

Gerard Depardieu has decided to leave France for Belgium. Awkward Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, nicknamed “Jean-Marc Zero” by other politicians bluntly took Gerard Depardieu to task for it. “I find this shabby”, Ayrault said in an interview, accusing Depardieu of tax evasion. Famous actor Depardieu, outraged, retaliated and said in an open letter that he had paid 145 million euros in taxes and that he had never killed anyone. “Who are you to judge me so ?”, he added, infuriated.

Depardieu felt really insulted because of Ayrault’s words, especially “shabby” which stuck in his craw. It was actually unbearable to him and he found it hard to swallow. “I am neither to be praised nor to be pitied, but I refuse the word “shabby” ”, he said in his letter. He didn’t understand why people laid the blame on him while lots of people had left before him. “All the people who left France have not been pointed to as I have”, he wrote.

Then, Ayrault tried to defend himself by denying the fact that he had used the word “shabby” to qualify Depardieu. “I didn’t qualify Mr. Depardieu as shabby”, he said in Clermont-Ferrand. But even President François Hollande didn’t side with him and Prime Minister Ayrault was reprimanded by the French President.

In his open letter to “the Prime Minister of Mr Hollande”, Depardieu announced that he wouldn’t be French anymore by saying “I give back my French passport”. And it seems that he has no qualms about it. Depardieu lives in clover in Belgium : he has been appointed honorary citizen even though he has never asked for the Belgian citizenship. Instead of it, he obtained the Russian citizenship after writing in praise of the Communists.

Emilie C., 1èreS1.