Samsung Galaxy S3

28 / 02 / 2014 | S.A. Degueurce

Hi everyone ! Today we will review the new smartphone from the Korean brand, the third in the Galaxy range, the Samsung galaxy SIII. The last technological jewel by Samsung was introduced on the market in June 2012 at a price of 649 €. In this review, we will deal with its features and performance.

First let’s talk about design, more precisely its size and weight. The smartphone weighs 133 grams, which is very light, and it is 8.6 mm thick. It has a 4.8-inch screen. It measures 137 x 70,6 x 8,6 mm. It is very comfortable to hold thanks to its curved lines. It is neither too big nor too small. It easily fits in your pocket. It is available for purchase in two colors, white and navy. I personally have a preference for the white one which looks larger than its navy counterpart. Moreover, the mobile’s shell mainly consists of plastic but is still well designed.

As for the Super AMOLED 16 million color 1280x720p screen, its pixel density is so high that it is impossible to see the pixels with the naked eye. We can therefore say that the Galaxy S3 display’s finesse is perfect. This screen will allow you to watch your favorite movies or series. However, I find that the screen has a blue tinge to it. It is the only negative feature which I found.
You can also watch the videos that you shot with the FLASH LED auto focus 8 MP camera. It is able to record and play videos in Full HD or 1080p. It also has a 1,9 MP front camera for video conference.

The device runs Android 4.1, which enables it to be very fluid and responsive. It is highly interactive because that operating system has a lot of built-in apps. You can download free apps and paid apps from the Google Play Store which to me is the best downloading platform. I think Android has made a real effort to facilitate the use of the device. I’m impressed with what I’ve seen. The device is powerful and sophisticated.

I will now speak about what is under the hood of the device. Let’s start with the processor and memory.
It includes a quadruple heart Samsung Exynos 4212 chipset or Quad Core CPU clocked at 1.4 GHz, with 1 GB RAM. Therefore, it is a high-performance device. I think Samsung has not skimped on the means to make this device.

The galaxy SIII is available in three versions, one of 16 Go, one of 32 Go and one of 64 Go. Memory is flexible because there is a microSD expansion slot. Samsung has tried to solve battery life issues by putting in a 2100mAH battery. To me, battery life holds up well but we must see how it reacts in time. Moreover, the battery is removable.

As for input and output devices, the mobile features one headphone jack. It can either use bluetooth or WI-FI, you can share pictures or movies quickly thanks to NFC (when NFC is enabled, you can send or receive data when your peripheral affects other NFC-enabled peripherals or NFC tags). The USB connection is done through a microUSB port, which makes it possible to connect your phone to your TV. However, for those people who need a number for work and another for their own private use, Galaxy SIII should come with a dual SIM option, but that’s just my opinion !!!

In terms of communication, it’s compatible with EDGE , GPRS, 3G/3G+ networks and it will soon be compatible with the 4G network.

Finally, let’s see what the smartphone gets delivered with.The box is not stylish enough for such an upscale device. It includes a 2100 mAh battery, a stereo handsfree headset, a microUSB cable, a charger and the quick start manual.

In conclusion, I think Samsung has done a great job. The phone is powerful and runs smoothly. You’ll be amazed by its capabilities. Here are the marks I gave the phone after a series of tests. As you can see the results are ok. I do not see how the Korean manufacturer could have done better. As the year comes to a close, we’ll see which one between Samsung and Apple has sold the more devices !!!

I hope my review has helped you make the right choice in this competitive market. See you soon for our next review. Bye !

Mohamed B., 1BTS.