The Typical French Person

29 / 12 / 2013 | S.A. Degueurce
The French ...

This document is a caricature of French people.

They are considered to be lazy, always on strike, marching through the streets with their banners. As a consequence, they do almost no work. All they want is to be in their armchairs in front of their TV and do nothing. That is why they are said to be very lazy.

French people are also renowned for their food. Indeed, everyone knows that the French love cheese. After the meal, they usually eat cheese. That is why when they speak, their mouth stinks and it is very unpleasant. They often eat their cheese with bread. We may say that just like cheese, bread is the symbol of French food. Moreover, they eat frogs’ legs. How can they possibly eat that ? Foreigners find it horrible or even disgusting. They also eat caviar but it is very expensive. That is why people usually eat it at Christmas or on New Year’s Eve.

The French drink a lot, mainly wine. They love drinking red wine during celebrations. Sometimes, they even drink too much. That is why there are a lot of car accidents.

In addition to that, they drink a lot and smoke all the time. They can finish a pack of cigarettes in one day.

They are always in a bad mood. They moan, they are grumpy, they are not friendly and they are selfish. They don’t care about other people. For example, they wouldn’t give any money to a person who is jobless and homeless. The person may sit outside in the cold, they will not pay attention to her. French people only think about themselves. On the other hand, if French people gave money to the homeless, they would buy cigarettes and alcohol with it. Therefore, it is no help to them.

Furthermore, they speak loudly as if they were screaming.